The Top 8 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Your Optician

1. How Long Is the Eye Exam?

The average eye examination appointment in the UK is 20 minutes in length. Although this is enough time for an Optometrist to examine your eyes clinically, it leaves very little time for discussion and personalisation to your individual requirements. 

At Bainbridge Bespoke Opticians we give you a 40 minute eye exam appointment as standard so that the Optometrist can take more time to find out about you, what your preferences are, how you use your eyes, what type of work you do, what hobbies you have and more. This means you’ll get effective advice and solutions because it is tailored to you. There is a big difference between getting 20 minutes with the expert and then being rushed out the door to find your own way forward versus getting 40 minutes with the expert to discuss everything thoroughly together. 

2. What Type of Eyewear Do They Specialise in?

Most ‘designer’ frames are produced for the mass market and made by the same global company who stamp a different logo and designer brand name on the side so they can charge a premium for it. These bland but branded frames are then distributed all over the world in mainstream opticians.

However, a select few independent opticians specialise in niche and bespoke eyewear, made by small eyewear design companies who have the drive and the passion to create eyewear that you’ll love wearing. Handmade and of the highest quality materials, they are designed for the individual who craves something superior and unique. If you are bored of the same old shapes and colours you see in most opticians, then niche and bespoke eyewear is made for you!

3. Do They Offer You A Free Styling Consultation Without Any Obligation or Pressure to Buy?

There are a lot of people who hate shopping for glasses and it’s mainly because they find the process of choosing new glasses painful, difficult and time consuming. It can be completely overwhelming and unsatisfying to browse racks and stacks of mismatched frames like you are in a jumble sale. 

Thankfully, at Bainbridge Bespoke Opticians there is a more sophisticated way to choose eyewear than just trying frames at random. An eyewear styling consultation means you get better advice and personal service. We will ask you about your preferences and advise you on face shape, frame style, colour and sizing to find what suits you best. We will then present you with all the possibilities you could wear from a cutting-edge collection of eyewear.

The eyewear styling consultation is an opportunity to discover the right style of eyewear for you in a no-pressure, relaxed environment with the help of an experienced eyewear professional. Making the right choices for you requires much thought and consideration and the right expertise to guide you through the process effortlessly and enjoyably. Think of it as personal shopping with your friend, you should never be made to feel obligation to buy after receiving this service.

4. Do They Guarantee Their Prescriptions and Eyewear?

In addition to standard product warranties, will your optician guarantee that you’ll be happy with your eyewear? Do they offer at least a 30-day guarantee where they will change the frame and lenses for you, free of charge, if you are not completely comfortable with the glasses you selected? Do they have a process and a service that is so good that they are happy to guarantee it? This tells you a lot.

At Bainbridge Bespoke Opticians we will give you a 60-Day “Love Your Glasses” guarantee. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your new glasses, we will offer you an alternative frame and/or lenses that will be more comfortable for you at no extra charge. We also provide an ongoing aftercare service in order to look after your eyewear for as long as you have them. Our promise to you is to always put you first.

5. Do They Understand Style?

Looking and feeling good is crucial to our happiness and wellbeing. Unfortunately, most opticians see glasses as a functional requirement with little thought for style and personality. If you want to look good, feel confident and make the right impression with your eyewear then it’s essential that you get advice from someone who actually has a good sense of style. Look at the environment the optician has created in their practice, what they choose to wear themselves, and pay attention to whether they have a passion and flair for what they do. 

We believe you deserve more. That’s why we give you the best information we can about eyewear so you can confidently select the right specs for you – the perfect pair or pairs of glasses that will express your personal style.

6. Do They Give You Free Flexible Payment Options?

Your optician should consult with you and give you several options and guidance as to what eyewear will work best for you. In addition to choices when it comes to how much you want to invest in your eyewear, we believe there should also be free flexible payment options. Why not take advantage of our offers and spread the cost over 3 to 12 months completely interest free? We want to make the whole eyewear buying experience as easy as possible for you. From your taste in eyewear, to how you like your coffee, to how you would like to pay.

7. What Do Their Reviews Say? Do They Have A Great Reputation and Are They Highly Successful?

Does your optician have many testimonials and five-star reviews from happy customers? It is certainly a reassuring read if they do! As of writing Bainbridge Bespoke Opticians has over 50 five-star reviews across Google and Facebook. We also have patient testimonials available to read in our practices and on our website.

As a small friendly independent business, we are built on referrals and recommendations. We don’t have big marketing budgets, so we make sure we offer world class service to anyone who chooses us. This way we can make an impression so great that you will trust us to look after your friends and family too. When it comes to your eyewear and eyecare we never cut corners or take shortcuts. Our opticians are highly trained to produce state-of-the-art outcomes. Nothing less will do!

8. What Do They Stand For?

Specsavers advertise glasses from £25. You can find glasses even cheaper online. What is most important to decide is whether you want the cheapest prices or the best quality and expertise and to choose the appropriate opticians that can deliver that for you. Make sure you understand what your optician stands for.

At Bainbridge Bespoke Opticians we promise to only supply the highest quality frames and lenses so you can rely on your glasses and get a good lifetime from them. We promise that our eyewear collections will be current and represent the best of independent, niche and bespoke eyewear from all over the world. We promise to constantly invest in state-of-the-art lenses that will offer you the sharpest possible vision. Above all, we promise to deliver a customer service experience that is personal, friendly, helpful and that makes your day!

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