What are the best glasses for my face shape?

When the Managing Director of ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ told me that I have a round face, I was initially thrown into a pool of self-conscious vulnerability. It took me a minute to realise that Cliff was merely stating a fact and that me having a round face is no different to me having blue eyes or big feet. So how can I use this new piece of information to my advantage? Let’s take a look at the different face shapes and style tricks we can use for them. 


Round faces are soft and circular with full cheeks and a button chin. Flatter by contrasting with a strong defined shape or straight lines.

Try:- Rectangular, square, cat-eye, geometric, browline

Avoid:- Harry Potter round! If you like the round style, try on a round frame with a flat top as a stylish compromise.


The oval face is longer than it is wide. Almost any shape will suit but a wider frame will work wonders proportionally.

Try:- Oversized, rectangular, aviator

Avoid:- Small and narrow frames


If your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the same width, you have a square face. Balance your look by softening it.

Try:- Narrow, round, oval, metals

Avoid:- Square, stronger rectangles, thick plastic frames


A heart-shaped face is wider at the top than the bottom. High cheekbones and a delicate small chin need a tall rounded frame to achieve harmony.

Try:- Round, aviator, oval 

Avoid:- Small, square, rectangular

I’m really happy that I have received honest styling advice as now I can identify my features and play to my strengths. I’ve definitely noticed that I get the most compliments when my square glasses sit on my round face! What I’ve also learnt is that you can’t rely on face shape alone to dictate your next pair of glasses. Factor in your facial features, colour analysis and style personality on top and you’ll soon be too hot to handle!

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