What Colours Suit Me Best?

What is Colour Analysis?

Scientists have reported that the human eye may be able to distinguish about 10 million different colour variations. I would be happy if I could find just a handful of colours that suit me, but where do I begin?

The Munsell colour system uses the properties of hue, chroma and value to understand the ways in which the human eye perceives colour. ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ is a popular personal styling and image consultancy which has used this concept to identify six main colouring types. When an individual’s dominant colouring type has been established, the colours that work for and against them become more obvious. Time to delve into each type to find out more!


Who doesn’t want to be known as cool?! If you are a lucky member of this club, you will have a blue undertone to your skin which gives you a dominant ‘cool’ look. Your complimentary icy tones evoke relaxation and calm. Try to warm up too much and you might feel a bit sickly!

Try:- All shades of Blue, Hot Pink, Purple, Mid-Grey

Avoid:- Geranium, Saffron, Turtle Green


If you are considered to be a ‘Warm,’ you will have a fiery glow about you. Whether you have auburn, red, amber, blonde or brown hair, your eye colour and complexion will radiate warmth. Play to your strengths by wearing friendly colours with similar yellow undertones. Anything with a ‘cool’ undertone will give you a sub-par temperature!

Try:- Paprika, Coral, Rust, Soft Teal, Blue Jade

Avoid:- Icy Blue, Pale Pink, Grey, Pure White


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? A ‘Light’ will typically flaunt light hair, bright eyes and a fair complexion. Pretty pastels will flatter but brighter lighter colours are striking vibrant alternatives. Wearing all dark colours together will weigh you down.

Try:- Lavender, Blush, Aqua, Cornflower

Avoid:- Black, Burgundy, Pine, Acid Lime


Dark hair and dark eyes are characteristic of the ‘Deep’ category. Dark and saturated deep and meaningful tones on the neutral spectrum will harmonise your sultry demeanour. Anything too pale or light will wash you out.

Try:- Claret, Chocolate, Deep Teal, True Red

Avoid:- Lemon, Mint, Vanilla, Pastel Rose


If your colour analysis result is ‘soft,’ you will have very little contrast between your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. Colours which naturally suit you are subtle, muted, dusky and medium in depth. Colours which are too strong and contrasting may overpower and muddle your look.

Try:- Latte, Olive Grove, Paprika, Steel Blue, Crushed Berry

Avoid:- Fuschia, Acid Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Violet


You are clearly into colour with this palette, having a high contrast between your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. ‘Clear’ colours are ‘true’ shades as opposed to softened versions. They are bright, bold and distinctive. Soft colours and pale shades mixed together can be dangerously ageing for you. 

Try:- Emerald, Periwinkle, Scarlet, Salmon

Avoid:- Mustard, Pebble Grey, Mocha, Cashew

There is something else to consider which runs hand in hand with colour analysis and that is style personality. You need to wear what suits your personality as well as your look so that you feel happy, confident and comfortable. The fact of the matter is anyone can wear any colour, it’s just that certain shades of certain colours will complement you more than others. 

If you would like to know more, the best way we can demonstrate what we have learnt by becoming certified colour stylists is by showing rather than telling. Book a styling consultation with one of the team and let the fun commence!

See you soon,


P.S I discovered that I am a ‘clear,’ which is why you will often now see me in bright colours, bold prints and colourful glasses!

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