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Life is too short for boring eyewear - How to fall in love with your glasses

Tips for picking glasses you'll love, complement your style, personality and the shape of your face.

How important is your vision for driving really?

Cars are pretty big, so are people. It’s not that difficult to point out a car across the road for most people, even without their glasses on. Then why all the fuss?

Why should I choose Bainbridge’s?
If you are reading through our FAQ’s then you might be thinking about changing Opticians, or perhaps it’s your first test! So, it is my task to ... read more
What makes Bainbridge’s different?
You may be thinking “surely all Opticians are the same? They test eyes and they sell glasses”, so let me try to convince you that they aren’t. S... read more
What services do you offer?
We will turn our hand to almost anything, but our specialities lie in premium services. This includes:  Advanced, no rush eye examinations Niche... read more
How long are your eye exams and what does it include?
We book 45 minutes for your eye exam with the Optometrist and you will also have as much time as you need aside for your eyewear styling, should... read more
What is a styling consultation?
Choosing the right glasses isn’t easy. Many high street Opticians will point you towards racks of similar looking frames and let you suffer in s... read more
I’ve struggled getting glasses that I’m happy with elsewhere in the past, what happens if the same thing happens at Bainbridge’s?
Most people that come to see us do so through recommendation from friends and family, or they find us because they have had problems elsewhere. ... read more
How long will it take me to get my glasses?
Most pairs of spectacles should be ready in around 2 weeks. If your chosen glasses are a special or bespoke order, then we will quote you indivi... read more
What frame brands do you use?
We have a large range of frames covering all types of face shape, colour and style preferences. If you want your glasses to stand out, we can do... read more
What makes your spectacle lenses different?
Most Optician bought spectacle lenses are made of the same stuff, in the same way that most cars are made of the same materials. The difference ... read more
How much is your eyewear?
If you are looking for something a bit different then we will have lots of options for you. We work with exciting niche, bespoke and independent... read more
Can I spread the cost of my glasses?
Yes! Our Easy Eyewear Payments allows a simple, low hassle option to spread out the cost of your glasses. read more
How does your Easy Eyewear Payment plan work?
Our interest free payment plan works through an in-house Direct Debit scheme that requires no forms or checks. We ask for a minimum of a 30% dep... read more
Why do we get dry eyes?

Dry eye is an incredibly common problem and ranges from mild irritation to a gritty burning feeling most of the time

What are floaters?

Floaters in the eyes are a common thing and many people notice them from childhood, but what should you do if they change?

Why do we get twitchy eyelids?

A twitchy eyelid can be very frustrating but impacts almost everyone at some point in their lives.

How to stop your glasses fogging

A couple of ways to help stop your glasses fogging up in your mask! Really helpful advice for glasses wearers who struggle with foggy lenses

Could your vision and comfort in your Varifocals be better?

Are you at the stage where you need to find better light or you're doing a bit of "trombone arm" to find the comfortable reading distance?

Your Glasses: Cost vs Value

How can one pair cost £10 and another £1000? Run through the factors that impacts the cost of glasses.

Why are we a private Opticians?
Here at Bainbridge Optometrists we want you to receive the very best standard of care possible. As a family run, independent business our friend... read more
The Top 8 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Your Optician

Thinking about new glasses or getting your vision checked? Before making an appointment, here are 8 things you must check.

The Problems With Varifocals

Varifocals have a number of common problems. They can be an expensive investment, so how can you make them as good as possible?

Why do we wear sunglasses?

We all know that sunglasses are a fantastic summer fashion accessory that provide comfort in bright light, but it is also important to consider the medical advantages to this type of eyewear.

Should I have anti-reflection coatings on my glasses?

Will anti-reflection coatings benefit you? Our Optometrist, Steve tells you his thoughts.

What Colours Suit Me Best?

Learn about the different colours that suit you best.

What are the best glasses for my face shape?

Everyone is different. Find out the best glasses for oval, round, square and heart face shapes.

What is your Style Personality?

Here’s a quick run down of the six main style personality types

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