The Problems With Varifocals

by Ella

Varifocals are quite honestly a minefield to understand. When they work they're mind-blowing, but when they don't you'll end up exploding with frustration. 
In my 7 years of experience as a qualified Dispensing Optician, the main reasons why some people don't get on with varifocals are:-
Unsuitable lens designs
Poorly fitting frames
Inaccurate measurements
Prescription errors

Unsuitable lens designs 
     The fact is there are thousands of different types of varifocals on the market and some will suit you better than others. To optimise your chances of varifocal success, I would recommend seeing a lens expert at any opticians who has the time and experience to do all the hard work for you. Getting to know you as a person and understanding your lifestyle and requirements will take the guess work out of getting it right for anyone who knows their stuff.
Poorly fitting frames
     Frames and lenses are married. They have to work together in order to work at all. Even if you have the most technologically advanced varifocals in the world, if you haven't had your frames fitted to you or they don't fit well, your vision won't be as good as you deserve it to be.

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Inaccurate measurements 
     A one size fits all method may be good enough for some but it won't work for all. If your optimum point of vision isn't measured correctly then you won't be looking through the right part of your varifocals. Anyone can make a human error but sadly, not everyone wants to put it right.
Prescription errors
     Quite often the first thing to be blamed for varifocal problems is the prescription but in reality, it is rarely the issue. Communication is definitely key and if you know what you're getting, how it works and what to expect, chances are you'll be fine. 
     The bottom line is that the best varifocals tend to cost the most. It's the age old saying "you get what you pay for". If you're looking for minimum spend options, Asda Opticians covers this well. Or, if you want to take care of everything yourself, there's many online companies who'd be happy to take your order. As we only offer quality defined niche and bespoke eyewear, we will always cost more than any low-cost high-output operation. 
     I'm here to tell you that if you haven't taken to varifocals previously it doesn't have to mean that you never will. Most opticians offer a non-tolerance guarantee on varifocals so you should get your money back if you're not completely satisfied with them. If it is us you'd like to have with you on your varifocal journey, I can't wait to get started!
See you soon, Ella

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