What is your Style Personality?

We’ve probably all been guilty of blindly following fashion at some point in our lives. From Bell Bottoms, Shell Suits and shoulder pads to mullets, perms and Crocs, there’s plenty of fashion faux pas we may want to forget! 
As fun as it all was, I think as you grow a little older and wiser you start to become more confident in finding your own style rather than trying to copy someone else’s. By identifying your own style personality you can find the colours, clothes and accessories that make you feel comfortable, look your best and display the ‘real’ you. Here’s a quick run down of the six main style personality types:-


You are creative in style if you treat shopping as an art form. Colours are striking and mismatched. Your overall look is eye-catching, unusual and unique.

Think Paloma Faith or Lady Gaga.


You are red carpet ready if you are a dramatic. Contrasting colours are a go to, the bolder and brighter the better. Your overall look is dressed up, impulsive and flamboyant.

Think Katy Perry or Sharon Osbourne.


You love patterns, delicate details and flowers if you are a romantic. Pastel colours with reds and pinks are naturally favoured. Your overall look is groomed, pretty and delicate.

Think Kylie Minogue or Penelope Cruz.


You prefer an elegant and formal wardrobe if you are a classic. Neutral colours are your staple and you don’t like much change. Your overall look is smart, timeless and neat.

Think Hillary Clinton or Courtney Cox.


Comfort is key for the natural style personality. Colours are casual and effortless. Your overall look is practical, minimalistic and relaxed.

Think Venus Williams or Kate Winslet.

City Chic

You embrace trends but in a more polished way if you are a city chic. Tone-on-tone colours compliment your style personality. Your overall look is thought out and professionally stylish.

Think Halle Berry or Kate Middleton.

Don’t worry if you are unsure which category suits you best as we have put together a fun quick fire quiz to find your honest answers! When you come in for an eye examination or styling consultation with us we will ask you our style personality questionnaire and perform colour analysis to help you feel informed, confident and excited in your styling decisions. 

See you soon,


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