What makes Bainbridge’s different?

You may be thinking “surely all Opticians are the same? They test eyes and they sell glasses”, so let me try to convince you that they aren’t. Some Opticians are remarkably busy places with thousands of glasses on display made to suit as many people as possible, making them, by definition, average. These terribly busy Opticians see people quickly so that they can move on to the next client. Eye tests in some of these high street stores will average at 20 minutes long. If you are looking for a quick check and cheap specs, then this is the right place for you.

This is not what we’re about.

We book 45 minutes aside for your eye exam and will take all the time you need during a styling consultation to help you choose your glasses. We won’t leave you browsing through hundreds of frames that may not fit or suit you. Our experts will spend time helping you choose glasses that look and feel great. The time we take with you means you’ll never feel like you have picked the wrong eyewear. We are so confident in this that if you don’t love your glasses then we will change them for something more suitable with our 60 day love your glasses guarantee. 

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Why should I choose Bainbridge’s?

I’ve struggled getting glasses that I’m happy with elsewhere in the past, what happens if the same thing happens at Bainbridge’s?

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