Why should I choose Bainbridge’s?

If you are reading through our FAQ’s then you might be thinking about changing Opticians, or perhaps it’s your first test! So, it is my task to tell you what we’re about and why we might be for you.

At Bainbridge’s we take the time to get to know you, investigate the things that we could do to make your life better and present the options to you in a relaxed, no pressure environment. This cannot be done without taking the right amount of time. Our amazing eyewear and services are just the icing on the cake. Again, we do this by investing time in you. You won’t feel like you’re on a conveyor belt when you come to us.

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What makes Bainbridge’s different?

I’ve struggled getting glasses that I’m happy with elsewhere in the past, what happens if the same thing happens at Bainbridge’s?

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