What makes your spectacle lenses different?

Most Optician bought spectacle lenses are made of the same stuff, in the same way that most cars are made of the same materials. The difference comes in how those materials are chosen, whether they suit the task, how they are treated and how they are finished. 

We use our expertise in helping you choose the right type of lens to make sure they are fit for the purpose they are being used for. Our lenses come from the best manufacturers, with top of the range coatings as standard and numerous guarantees. Then we help you choose a frame that suits your face, your personality, and your lenses. Once we have the frame and lens type, we use amazing measuring technology to make sure your lenses, frame and eyes are all going to work in perfect harmony. 

This is how we achieve a personalised, “bespoke” product that makes you see your best, look your best and feel amazing in your eyewear.

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