Why do we get dry eyes?

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Dry eye is an incredibly common problem and ranges from mild irritation to a gritty burning feeling most of the time. Even having watery eyes can be an indication that you have a dry eye condition! 

Dry eyes happens when one or more of the layers of the tears don’t do their job properly.

There are three layers to the tears including a mucous layer that sits on the eye, a watery layer that sits on top of that and finally an oil layer that covers the top to reduce evaporation. We want these things to be working properly together to keep our eyes comfortable and our vision clear.

The most common causes of dry eye impact the watery or oil layer of our tears. This means that most of the management for dry eyes is aimed at improving these elements.

Some of the things that we do, day to day, can make our eyes dry. Long hours on concentrated tasks, including reading and computer use can make dry eye worse. Indoor heating, air conditioning, hot and dry weather or cold weather can all effect the tears on the front of our eyes.

Eyedrops can help with all the aspects of the tear layers but are in the main targeting the watery layer. 

Gentle heating and massage of the eyelids can help improve the quality and quantity of the oil layer.

Both things together can be an effective way of managing mild to moderate dry eye. There are other things that can be looked into for more severe cases of dry eye.

Remember to make sure you talk to your optician’s before starting any treatment.

Watch the video above to learn a little bit more about dry eye.

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